How can I prevent spam for coming to my email account?

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There are several ways you can control spam for your LinkSky Visual hosted email account.

1) MailScanner -- Customize your settings

2) Boxtrapper -- A “challenge/response” verification system

3) Filters -- Account wide or for individual mailboxes

Each of these methods can help with the task of managing and controlling spam. MailScanner is already enabled for each account, but you can edit the settings to make them stronger or weaker. Boxtrapper is best for short periods of time. And filters work well for controlling specifics.

Please click the links below for a more detailed explanation and the best use of:

MailScanner    BoxTrapper 


In the Mail section of cpanel are the User Level Filtering and Account Level Filtering features. Here you can set up custom rules to deal with specific conditions. For example, you could set up a rule that says any message from John Doe, or with Viagra in the subject will be deleted. Don't go crazy trying to set up a filter for every piece of spam you get. This feature is best when you have a bunch of spam with a common element (which is rare).

Filters can also be used in other ways, such as sending all messages from your mom or your boss, or messages with a specific subject (sales), to a designated folder, helping you sort out what's most important.

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